ShipRocket Vs Delhivery?

Let’s take a look at two leading logistics partners and everything surrounding them in this breakdown of ShipRocket Vs Delhivery. Let’s take a look at the major differences between these shipping solutions including prices, rates, integrations and features they offer.   


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an unbiased Comparison of shiprocket with Delhivery & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners

17+ 200+ NA

COD Services

Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page

Intermediate Advanced Basic

Returns Management

Intermediate Advanced Basic

Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules Rules +AI Fixed Rules

NDR Management

Basic Advanced Basic

Provides shipping rates

Yes No Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

Yes Yes No

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes No

Order Delay Detection

No Yes No



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why companies shift from shiprocket and

Delhivery to clickpost

Monitor Carriers Closely

You can maintain separate relationships with each of your carriers while monitoring them through ClickPost’s unified dashboard.

Speediest Tracking Updates

Receive tracking updates in real-time using dual API integrations provided by ClickPost and automatically update customers.

Total Returns Management

Get access to an exhaustive returns management portal that enables management of metrics like pickups, return exceptions and exchanges.

Delivery Exceptions Management

ClickPost provides a smart workflow to enable delivery exceptions like stuck shipments and delivery failures to be auto-resolved.

Greater Choice of Carriers

Through ClickPost, you can integrate with over 130+ courier partners to manage your orders while aggregators usually integrate with 20+.

Ideal For High Order Volumes

ClickPost enables you to optimise shipping operations for extremely high order volumes making it ideal for larger companies.


1. About ShipRocket


ShipRocket was founded in 2011 as a courier aggregator, a third party logistics service provider that provides a multi-carrier integration platform. It is an extremely popular shipping solution and enables easy order management across multiple carriers.


Features of ShipRocket

  • ShipRocket gives you access to 17+ top courier partner integration so all orders can be tracked. 
  • Using a rate calculator, ShipRocket lets you review carrier shipping rates to find the cheapest option.  
  • A unified order dashboard is made available for orders to be managed and tracked after customer purchase. 
  • Automatic printing of shipping labels as well as insurance options are provided by ShipRocket. 


Pros: SMBs that require fast integration with multiple carriers at discounted rates are most suited for using ShipRocket. 

Cons: During the billing cycle with ShipRocket, weight discrepancies have been known to pop up.  

Price: Shipping rates with ShipRocket begin at Rs.19/500 gms as well as long term plans beginning at Rs.29/500 gms 


2. About Delhivery

Delhivery was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become one of India’s top courier companies. It provides a wide range of shipping services as well as services for supply chain management to optimise the shipping process for ecommerce businesses


Features of Delhivery

  • Delhivery enables integration with multiple sales channels. 
  • Delhivery provides a wide variety of express delivery services, including on-demand delivery, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, time-defined delivery and slot-based delivery.  
  • Delhivery enables you to ship large orders, oversized shipments, high value products and dangerous goods or hazardous materials through specialised handling. 
  • Delhivery provides speedy real-time tracking updates for all orders placed and consignments being delivered by them. 
  • Delhivery offers freight procurement solutions, including partial and full-truckload freight. 
  • Avail use of returns management, exchanges and order replacements through Delhivery. 

Pros: Delhivery provides a wider range of specialised delivery services making it ideal for certain types of ecommerce industries.  

Cons: Communications between delivery agents and Delhivery is minimal, and delivery often takes longer than expected. 

Price: Delhivery offers a prepaid pay-as-you-go model, requiring all shipments to be paid for independently through Delhivery Miles Wallet. 


FAQs on Shiprocket vs Delhivery?


1. What is ShipRocket?


Answer: ShipRocket is a well-known shipping aggregator in India that is extremely popular among ecommerce businesses. It provides shipping services to over 26000 pin codes across the country, and COD services to 19000+ pin codes. ShipRocket is known for providing low shipping rates and fast COD reconciliation. 


2. What is Delhivery?

Answer: Delhivery is one of the largest courier services providers in India and aids numerous ecommerce businesses in order fulfillment. This is because Delhivery provides an extremely wide range of shipping services, including a variety of options for express or scheduled delivery, as well as specialised shipping services for different types of goods. Delhivery also aids in cross-border deliveries and returns management.   


3. Which is the best Option Between ClickPost, ShipRocket Vs Delhivery?


Answer: Trying to determine which is the best option between ClickPost, Shiprocket vs Delhivery is like trying to determine the best option between ice cream, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. ClickPost and ShipRocket both act as multi-carrier integration platforms. ClickPost provides more holistic supply chain and shipping operation management solutions and is designed to be most effective for large companies, making it an excellent base for a sundae. This includes more advanced tech and automation for services like order allocation and creation, returns management and shipping exceptions management. Shiprocket is a good choice for smaller to medium enterprises that need quick access to more carriers in order to meet basic fulfillment requirements. ShipRocket also provides access to discounted shipping rates making it cost-effective in the short run, but making it harder for you to negotiate costs with carriers independently in the long run as your order volumes grow. Much like chocolate chips that are quick and easy to consume, it may leave you craving something more. Delhivery is a highly effective carrier for most types of ecommerce businesses. However, juggling Delhivery with other carriers can become a difficult task despite Delhivery itself having easy tracking options. So to make the most use of Delhivery and your other carriers, your best option would be to integrate with Delhivery through ClickPost. This enables you to manage your orders with all your carriers, including Delhivery in real time as well as automate parts of your shipping operations so your carriers’ performances improve over time.  


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