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1. Overview of Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

In a world where anything and everything is just a click away, eCommerce customers have changed their buying tactics. Under the influence of targeted marketing emails, shoppers today spend approximately 138% more than usual. As a result, Email marketing campaigns have become crucial for eCommerce businesses to engage and please their customers.

Email marketing is a great way to boost your company's conversions, sales, and repeat business. At least once a day, almost everyone checks their email. According to Radicati's 2019 email statistics, $44 is created for every $1 invested in email marketing. Isn't this a fantastic way to expand your business that all enterprises should take advantage of?

Businesses can choose from the numerous Shopify email marketing apps and software in the market to keep their customers updated and send automatic emails like welcome emails and abandoned cart emails. An efficient Shopify email marketing app will allow customers to access their accounts via mobile devices and send customized messages, among other things.

2. Top 10 Shopify Email Marketing Apps [2022 Updated List]

Shopify Email Marketing Apps have been at the forefront for eCommerce businesses to manage and boost their email marketing return on investment (ROI) while also automatically reaching out to existing and potential customers. Undoubtedly Shopify is one of the most preferred eCommerce platforms by online enterprises. 

Do you want to improve your Shopify email marketing strategy? Based on evaluations and information from significant eCommerce businesses, we've narrowed down the list of Top 10 eCommerce Shopify apps for email marketing. These are the must-have Shopify apps if you want to increase footfall to your store!.


2.1)  Shopify Email


Shopify, one of the world's fastest-growing eCommerce platforms, has empowered over 1.7 million businesses worldwide. Shopify Email, an email marketing tool launched in 2019, is another of its exceptional platforms that allows eCommerce firms to connect with their customers and develop long-term partnerships.


Shopify Email (3)


Key Features

  • Ready-to-use email templates- for logo designs, product details, store colors, newsletters, holidays, events, and more.

  • Automated Emails- Shopify Email has abandoned cart emails.

  • Track Utility- Keep checking the number of emails opened, open, and click-through rates, products added to carts, and transactions with the Track Results feature.

  • Campaign Monitoring- Create, distribute and monitor campaigns directly inside Shopify.

  • Easily import your customer list into your Shopify Email account without any hassle.


  • Get 2,500 emails free each month with easy setup on Shopify.

  • Shopify Email also has the provision of segmenting the contact list for suitable customizations and ease of operation.


  • Limited test email campaigns, designs, and templates for customization under a free trial.

  • The tracking feature doesn't show the viewers' names who opened the mail.

2.2) Klaviyo



Suitable for businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs to iconic brands, Klaviyo is a renowned Shopify email marketing platform preferred by 265,000+ brands in over 80 countries. It is a dynamic tool that stores all the customer information and allows the eCommerce enterprise to create experiences across email and owned channels and track income.




Key Features

  • Pre-built Forms- Klaviyo provides eCommerce forms and pop-up forms for businesses to create personalized conversations with their customers.

  • Automatic contact list segmentation and real-time ROI reporting. A/B testing is possible with Klaviyo.

  • Multi-platform Integration- Klaviyo integrates with all leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, ShipStation, Magento, and more.

  • Conducts Growth workshops , a Klaviyo-exclusive product that allows Shopify marketers worldwide to cooperate and share ideas.


  • Free and flexible account options on month-to-month pricing based on your contact list size.

  • With built-in CRM, it is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses with larger client bases.


  • Delayed Customer support services.

  • For some MSMEs, pricing depending on the number of contacts is too exorbitant.

 2.3) Mailchimp


Key Features:

Mailchimp, founded in 2001, is an all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses that use simple marketing tactics to drive traffic and sales. Mailchimp captures customers' attention by ensuring click‑worthy content is dynamically personalized for them or by testing alternative versions of the same content via A/B testing.




Key Features

  • Excellent Reporting- Mailchimp offers unrivaled reporting features for eCommerce's Shopify stores, with campaign-specific product sales to total revenue, and click the map to geolocation tracker.

  • Segments customers depending on buy frequency and transaction details, and syncs combine tags for a smooth run.

  • Free-to-use Plans- With 10,000 emails per month, Mailchimp is one of the few platforms offering entirely free plans for Shopify businesses with less than 2,000 subscribers.

  • Automation templates- Including abandoned cart notifications, reorder reminders, lost customer recovery, Transactional email, and retargeting ads.


  • Generates product recommendations based on a customer's previous purchases.

  • Unique Customer Trip Builder feature automates customers' journeys and delivers pattern-relevant content. 


  • Interface glitches while using the app.

  • Limited templates and design options to choose from.

  • Multi-step automation or managing multiple audiences is expensive.

2.4) Privy


Privy is a marketing platform for Shopify stores that provides email, conversion, and SMS tools for eCommerce businesses looking to scale up their revenues. Privy generates an average of $15.98 per email subscriber for a store at every stage of the buyer's journey. Privy also doubles up as one of the best Shopify marketing apps of all time. 




Key Features

  • User-friendly Campaign Designer- Innumerable high-converting templates and fully customizable options in Shopify like Spin-to-Win Wheels, Cart Savers, Free Shipping & Sign Up Bars, Banners, Flyouts, and Embedded forms

  • Robust Targeting Capabilities- Intelligent buyer targeting based on device type, shopping cart value, page URL, traffic type, location & more.

  • Real-time Growth Analysis- Privy enables businesses to monitor their revenue generation, key metrics, + A/B tests with real-time dashboards.

  • Multi-platform Integration- Privy integrates numerous online platforms like Klaviyo, Bronto, Mailchimp, smile.io, octane.ai, and Retention Rocket.


  • Fully automated email marketing with Newsletters, Autoresponders, Purchase Follow Up + Customer Winback Emails.

  • Unique Privy Text feature that sends triggered text messages, including abandoned cart reminders & welcome messages.


  • the app provides limited free plans with just 100 marketable contacts per month.

  • Designing complex multi-step automation workflows is difficult.

2.5)  Omnisend


Serving for seven years in the industry with 70k+ happy customers worldwide, Omnisend helps eCommerce firms make their Shopify store marketing relevant by sending targeted messages to the right person at the right time. The selection of pre-built automation processes targeted at various stages of the customer journey and straightforward, no-code editing makes Omnisend a breeze to use.

Key Features

  • Ready-to-use Templates that are configurable for Shopify and a drag-and-drop content editor.

  • Increases subscriber count- Omnisend collects customer information via TCPA and GDPR compliant forms and converts them into new subscribers.

  • Reporting tools- Along with business’ campaign reports, it provides detailed sales and performance metrics.

  • Segmentation- Omnisend creates categories based on customers’ buying habits and specifics, which an eCommerce enterprise may use to boost open rates.


  • It integrates with seven different marketing channels like Web Push Notifications, Google Customer Match, Whatsapp, etc.

  • Omnisend free plan comes with an unlimited subscribers facility also allowing to send SMS, push notifications and messages.


  • Cross-feature platform integration is lacking.

  • Limited templates incorporating less of the new features.

  • Sending allowances of free plans have been cut down.

2.6) Seguno  


Seguno is a leading email marketing tool designed specifically for Shopify. This increase sales app for Shopify can create high-performing newsletters, email automation campaigns, and Facebook, Instagram, banners, pop-ups, and other connectors.

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface- The software is simple to use, with many choices for personalizing emails to match the brand's aesthetic

  • 150+ professionally designed email templates that can be customized to meet the business's specific needs, with new email templates being added on Shopify monthly.

  • A pre-built library of automation, including Welcome campaigns, checkout abandonment, post-purchase automation, tag triggers, etc., to help eCommerce enterprises earn added revenue.

  • 24/7 Superhuman support ranging from technical assistance to strategy tips and design guidance to help grow your business.


  • Free plan with Unlimited email, Newsletters & Automations up to 250 subscribers.

  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Dynamic Banner Suite, Product Reviews, All Email Popup Apps, Canva, and Facebook Leads.


  • It is well suited for small businesses; it lacks the functionality that larger firms with vast email lists demand.

  • The waiting time for the Seguno team to respond to queries is often long.

2.7)  CM Commerce 


CM Commerce is an automated email marketing platform for Shopify with a targeted content approach that prioritizes customer engagement. Extensively preferred by 20,000+ entrepreneurs and eCommerce firms worldwide, it has an extensive library of intelligent email flows to engage customers and establish brand confidence.

Key Features

  • Maggie, CM's intelligent marketing bot- Designs captivating emails with tailored content, segmented for the best group of subscribers, ensuring timely delivery.

  • Seamless integration with multiple platforms- Shopify, JustUno, Privy, OptinMonster, Smile.Io, and LoyaltyLion.

  • CM commerce receipts- allows eCommerce businesses to add upsell modules to their receipts and help them make new sales missed otherwise.

  • Product reviews- Enhance store credibility by emphasizing user-generated content about products.


  • A 30-day free trial with access to all the email marketing tools.

  • The user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to see your return on investment.


  • The platform lacks the features of AB Testing and customer surveys.

  • As the mailing list scales, the app gets much more expensive.

2.8) Constant Contact


Constant Contact, standing strong since its inception in 1995, is one of the most used Shopify email tools globally, boasting over 650,000 customers. It is one of the few email marketing tools to allow eCommerce businesses to manage event invitations, registrations, and tickets. In this way, Constant Contact also functions as a booking app for Shopify .

Key Features

  • Provides integration with Salesforce, Facebook, Instagram, Zapier, Vimeo, and Canva.

  • 100+ email templates with adjustable designs and a drag-and-drop editor are available.

  • Allows businesses on Shopify to send triggered emails, welcome emails, and use list-building tools with email marketing automation .

  • Enables opening and sharing of emails with data tracking tools and features to categorize the contacts accordingly.


  • Creates pre-built segments of first-time customers, repeat customers, lapsed customers, and more.

  • You can conduct advertising on Facebook and Instagram and track the results of your social campaigns.


  • Email templates are not highly customizable.

  • Plans with superior services of importance come in hefty pricing.

2.9)  MailerLite


Recognized as the 5th fastest growing SaaS business worldwide by SaaS Magazine in 2019, MailerLite is a Shopify email marketing platform that makes it easy to design attractive newsletters and set up automated e-commerce campaigns to help you develop your business.

Key Features

  • Automatically create segments in your MailerLite subscriber group based on the data from Shopify, such as First-time Customers, High-spending Customers, Repeat Customers, High-spending Repeat Customers, etc.

  • Tracking Feature to access revenue growth and direct effect of emails on sales for content optimization to drive more sales.

  • Smart Import- Instantly import all of your Shopify product data, images, links, and text into MailerLite's drag-and-drop newsletter builder.

  • Creates abandoned cart emails to re-engage customers who quit their shopping carts without purchasing.


  • Sends automatic communications and offers to the customers based on their recent buying behavior.

  • Creates free landing pages and pop-ups to increase subscriber numbers, promote new items, and increase sales.


  • Lack of advanced trigger automations such as alerts on website visits.

  • It allows businesses only to send permission-based emails. 

2.10)  Automizely Emails & Pop Up  


This email marketing app comes from the house of AfterShip which is popular worldwide for being one of the best Shopify order tracking apps . Automizely automates the email marketing process with easily downloadable coupons and reduces cart abandonment rates. It can also insert embed forms to your Shopify store for easy collection of customer information.

Key Features

  • Send Web Push Notifications  like Price drop alerts, Back in Stock emails, Countdown timers to create FOMO among customers and urge them to take quick action and return to their carts.

  • Provide Live Chat Support  and get access to a better CRM that allows management of contacts through a centralized system.

  • Adds User-generated Content  to provide instant social proof to customers. Also, add social login apps to your workflow for easy management of social media orders.

  • Gauges Performance of Pop Ups, Email Open Rates, through Targeted Analytics Reports.


  • The app is extremely user-friendly even for users who have no prior experience with Shopify or ecommerce.

  • Creates beautiful email pop-up designs and provides constant customer support.


  • Work on the app needs to be manually saved or you will lose progress in the case of a network issue.

  • The user interface can feel buggy at times.

3. How to Select the Best Shopify Email Marketing App

You can increase your sales on Shopify by using a variety of applications including email marketing app. Shopify email marketing app is an important way to reach out to customers with a personalized touch. Here are some important factors to help you select the best Shopify email marketing app.

3.1) Easy integration with Shopify

The app should enable the eCommerce enterprises to interface with the Shopify store without going through any complex steps. As soon as it sets up the integration, any forms on their Shopify site should instantly connect with their email marketing service, eliminating the need to enter code on the site. This will make it immensely easy for you to use other Shopify shipping apps simultaneously. 


3.2) Affordable Pricing

Budget is one of the most crucial factors to consider! Your return on investment should improve, but you shouldn't spend an excessive amount on email marketing. The most important thing to look for is whether the app, with its extensive range of features, is reasonably priced and can suit your company's needs. As a result, reasonable pricing is critical. 


3.3) Automated Email campaigns

An absolute must-have in an email marketing tool, automated campaigns like abandoned cart, order confirmations, cross-selling and upselling promotions, recommended product emails, welcome emails, and order confirmation emails help businesses drastically increase store sales.


3.4) Contact synchronization

The app should directly import both existing and new customers' contact information and purchase history into your email tool. Many tools will import all Shopify contacts automatically and modify subscribe/unsubscribe status based on whether or not contacts opt-in at checkout.


3.5) Segmentation based on purchase history 

A decent email marketing app will either offer pre-existing segmentations or allow the online retailer to construct their customer segments based on purchase history. Some even allow you to track which products clients have browsed but not purchased and develop categories based on this information and produce pre-built segments like first-time customers, repeat customers, and more.


3.6) Proactive Insights

An efficient email marketing app will help you understand how your campaigns are doing by giving insights into the effectiveness of each one. The email marketing app can also provide insights into how well-optimized a campaign was for generating customer responses, and it'll be easy to know what works best! With email marketing, you can keep track of all your campaigns and the engagement they generate .


3.7) User-friendly App

When it comes to implementing third party app into your online business infrastructure, you need a user-friendly app with a simple design that can be installed easlity. This makers sure that the work flow is smooth and the email marketing app you have seleted can be utilized productively.

5. Overall Recommendation

As one can see, there are several fantastic tools available to assist eCommerce businesses and online retailers with targeted email marketing for their Shopify customers. Based on your business needs, choose an app that satisfies your subscriber count, includes the functionality you need to expand your eCommerce business, and is within your price range. An email marketing app like Omnisend or Klaviyo will be your best bet if you want to conduct complicated automated campaigns driven by consumer actions like multi-step abandoned cart emails, recommended items, and more. Tools like MailerLite and Sendinblue can help you execute some pretty simple but effective campaigns if your top goals are affordability and ease of use.

One thing is sure, setting up email marketing for your Shopify store has many benefits, the most essential of which is a lifetime of loyal consumers. Start evaluating the finest Shopify email marketing solutions to aid you in this attempt if you haven't already.

6. FAQs

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